Official Release: The Sheeple Survival Guide

May 1, 2010 at 11:31 pm (The Book) (, , , , , , , )

It’s the beginning of a new millenia, and everyone is worried about all kinds of dilema ranging from alien invasion all the way to zomie uprisings. The Sheeple Survival Guide introduces you to a more realistic scene that we’re living in today. Are you ready to sacrifice your freedom and liberty for a unruly global technocracy made by yours truely the shadow elite? The Sheeple Are ! As globalists and new age dictators scramble to incrementally push the public into accepting this new age soft tyranny. A new breed of humanitarian is forming at an extremely fast pace. The Sheeple Survival Guide will be the answer to many questions that are going to be asked over the coming years. Aimed at the complacent and ever growing apathetic populace. By informing yourself of the current epedemic then you will have prior knowledge and power. Therefore alowing you to enhance not only your reality, but other realities in your own circle of influence. While trying to survive this sheeple apocalypse.
See store front for book here
I also did an article post over at boblobslaw to let my global audience know that the release is official. My personal facebook page has been receiving positive feedback thus far about the release and I’m very thankfull for all the grassroot support that is out there.
  I’m a one man operation from beginning to end so i’m not sure how the advertisement is going to go, but over time I think a lot of people are going to be interested in this book.  Especially if the reader is aware of zombies, aliens, pollution in the air, food, and water.  All of the cool things going down on planet earth right now.

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